DNP Launches Virtual Reality Video Production Service

Paper head-mounted display and smartphones produce realistic images

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the March 10 launch of a service producing Virtual Reality (VR) based video used at events, and paper head-mounted displays for use with smartphones to help the user enjoy those images. In addition to providing realistic VR video to help liven up events, it is possible to print out the external paper of head-mounted display in a format that matches the event or specific contents. DNP will provide a total service from the planning and production of the VR video used in events, ads or promotions, to the design and manufacture of the paper head-mounted displays.


We are seeing increased use of VR images by companies in order to deepen communication with consumers at event venues, stores and in urban settings. While 2D and 3D expressions have existed for some time, it is now also possible to produce 360 degree all-around video images. Such improvements in VR video quality have led to increased hopes for this medium as a technique for boosting consumer interest. As a response to those needs, DNP has developed a small and light-weight paper head-mounted display allowing users to enjoy VR video on their smartphones, which comes with two types of lenses as standard features that can be switched to match the contents. The new display is made with cardboard, and it is possible to print out the external paper in a format that matches the video contents.  

[Service Features]

  • The new service makes it possible to enjoy contents such as VR video and still images with a 360 degree ring-side sensation by using a smartphone fitted with the paper head-mounted display. The display is foldable, making it easy to transport, at the same time as being easy to manufacture and use in printing.
  • Lenses can be switched between a SLR - single lens reflex (360-degree 2D video format) and a twin lens reflex (Side-by-Side1 format and 360-degree 3D video format) depending on the contents.
  • The new service employs an interactive VR production solution created by Fanatasista Inc. Using this solution allows consumers to maneuver VR video in an interactive manner via facial movements, making it possible to experience game style entertainment, and simulation-type product and service scenes.
  • The new service can be used with iPhone/Android terminals without the need for special applications to replay VR video.
  • As it is possible to display VR video on a single smartphone, low cost distribution is possible via YouTube etc.
  • The lens position can be adjusted in a simple manner for optimum viewing focus.

[Pricing and Future Developments]

Head-mounted display: (1 main body + 2 lenses/in 10,000 unit lot) 600 yen

Contents production fees: (in case of 360 degree filming in internal space with video production) from 300,000 yen

DNP will propose this new service to areas seen likely to employ VR video in the future, such as events, sales promotion, entertainment, new home previews and guidance at tourist spots, aims for sales of 2.0 billion yen in FY 2018.

*1 Side-by-Side: A 3D video standard that stacks images for use with the left and right eyes. Use of the head-mounted display supporting the Side-by-Side format by children under age 13 may be prohibited under the new DNP service. SLRs can be used by those of all ages.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.