DNP Receives a Grand Mecenat Award at the Japan Mécénat Awards 2015

Recognized for digital technology driven art appreciation-based workshops


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is pleased to announce that the Company received a Grand Mécénat Award at the Japan Mécénat Awards 2015 hosted by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts. DNP was recognized for workshop efforts based on a fine arts appreciation system developed by the Louvre-DNP Museum Lab, a joint project between the Musée du Louvre and DNP.

This marks the first time that DNP has been received a Grand Mécénat Award. The Company received the Mécénat Promotion Award in 1996 and the 2005 Art Information and Cultural Award.


DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communication as an important business growth area. The Company is supporting lifestyles through active communication in a safe and secure manner as part of the advanced information society, and is promoting activities that foster culture. As part of these developments, since 2006 DNP has promoted the Louvre-DNP Museum Lab, a project that has developed new methods of fine art appreciation, including the use of digital technology, jointly developed by the Musée du Louvre and DNP. The Company has developed original fine art appreciation systems to match the topics of the works of art emanating from the Musée du Louvre, and its exhibitions, and a number of systems have been adopted by the museum, itself.

Expanding the scope of such activities, in 2011 DNP developed two fine arts workshop applications based on tablet terminals that allow fine art lovers to enjoy works of art even in locations with no artistic or cultural connections. These applications were aimed at arts classes for Japanese junior high schools that were investigating new methods of arts appreciation education. The Company provided the applications together with a plan for a workshop dealing with arts education experts in both Japan and France, and accumulated practical experience as a result. The applications allow students to learn about works of art and grasp their pleasurable nature through the simple operation of a tablet terminal at any location. As a result, the Company is now in a position to offer such experiences to an even broader segment of society, such as developing an appreciation workshop for smaller children and their parents.  

[Fine Arts Appreciation System Workshop Based Effort]

1, Creative comparison workshop application

Uses photos of multiple works of art stored on a tablet terminal that allows the user to blow up the finer details to observe and compare the relative size of each creation. This in turn makes it easier to encourage awareness of the subject matter and figurative features of such works of art. Participants can also jot down their observations on the screen, enabling them to share these feelings with other participants through a networking function. This application is offered with a plan for learning about the diversity of things.

2, Augmented Reality (AR) workshop application

This application uses AR technology to take images of works of arts and synthesize them with real scenes taken with a tablet terminal, before reproducing them as a single photograph. A tablet terminal photographs a panel imprinted with an identification AR marker, allowing the marker image and a pre-selected image of a work of art to be displayed on the screen one after the other. The work of art can be displayed in life size, making it possible to compare the work of art and the space that envelops it, as well as examining the relationship between the person observing the creation and the object, itself. This application makes it possible to take even those unfamiliar with art, and by making works of art appear before their very eyes, encourage them to develop an interest in the arts.

Based on the belief that arts and culture enrich the imaginative powers, DNP has focused on the educational uses of workshops designed to create new standpoints through dialogue. And the Company is engaged in hands on artistic experiences that capitalize on in house technology and know-how. Uses as teaching materials for school education will also be pursued.

DNP was recognized for the social contribution made through these long term and diverse activities, which are also deeply related to its company segments, and their ties with business management.

Images related to hands on AR workshops

At upper left: Photographing the AR marker makes it possible to display the related-fine arts contents both as an as-is image, and on a tablet screen (as illustrated at upper right).

[Louvre - DNP Museum Lab, New Activities]

DNP has promoted the Louvre - DNP Museum Lab joint project since 2006, presenting a variety of new approaches to fine arts appreciation. Based on the experience and knowledge accumulated through this experience, in July 2015, the Company performed the 3D digitalization of the terrestrial and celestial globes from the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. DNP commenced mécénat activities with projects designed to facilitate viewing in its various formats, and will continue to promote activities related to corporate support for the arts.

[Japan Mécénat Awards]

The Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai (KMK: Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan) has held the Japan Mécénat Awards since 1991, when they were originally referred to as the Japan Mécénat Prize, with the objective of enhancing corporate support of, and social interest in, the arts. The Association targets activities leading to the creation of a prosperous society underpinned by arts and cultural promotion. These activities include providing opportunities for the general public to enjoy arts and culture, activities that preserve and foster regional culture, along with cooperation with, and funding support for, arts and cultural organizations. Through these awards, the Association's objective is to deepen understanding and empathy for mécénat activities overflowing with creativity and originality and undertaken at locations throughout Japan.