DNP Develops Stand-up Pouch for Easy Refills

Spout opens widely as a result of unique design, to cut refill burdens

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a stand-up pouch to facilitate smooth refills of containers for highly viscose products, such as shampoos, rinses and body soaps that are known to be troublesome to pour. The newly developed product will be marketed as packaging material for hair care products from April.


Stand-up pouches for refill purposes have recently been adopted by numerous manufacturers of daily necessities, in an attempt to reduce waste and costs. Stand-up pouches are self-standing packaging materials, based on bag-like containers using plastic film, with a base that expands when the contents are injected. When refilling with highly viscous contents, such as shampoo and hair rinses, however, there have been challenges, such as the spout failing to open widely, or the contents not flowing from the refill pouch to the container in a smooth manner.

DNP actively develops a variety of packaging materials that take environmental burdens into consideration. As part of those efforts, in 1999 the Company developed a refill pouch, and continues to offer this product to manufacturers of cosmetics and hair care products. In this latest development, as a result of an improved spout based on a unique design, DNP has successfully developed a stand-up pouch for refill purposes that significantly reduces the burdens of refilling shampoo and rinse type materials compared to products currently offered by the Company.

[New Product Features]

  • DNP' s unique design takes into consideration the format of the spout and the size of the pouring aperture, allowing the aperture to open wide for the smooth pouring of highly viscous materials. In consumer refill tests, it was found that pouring time was reduced by approximately 30% compared to products currently offered by the Company.
  • The spout is inserted deep in the refill bottles, allowing for refills to be made in a stable manner, and making the process less troublesome than before.
  • Compared to existing products that come with parts, such as straws, attached to the spout, or have been processed to open more easily on the application of heat, with the newly developed stand-up pouch it is possible to reduce such costs.
  • There are no spec-based restrictions other than the spout, the stand-up pouch comes with a high degree of design leeway, making it possible to use in conjunction with a variety of product ideas.
  • Compared to stand-up pouches with attached parts, as this latest stand-up pouch is a film based format, it is easy to stack, and exhibits superior transport efficiency.
  • It is possible to substitute the standard film with high-function film created from bio-derived materials. It is also possible to offer the pouch in a variety of formats.

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[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market this newly developed product to manufacturers of daily necessities, aiming for sales of 300 million yen in 2015.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.