DNP Develops New Lighting Film Capable of Attaching to Existing Windows

Brightens Dark Rooms Twice as Much as Before

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a new film as part of the Company's lineup of lighting film that efficiently reflects light entering rooms from windows onto ceilings, and diffuses it to brighten up rooms. By affixing the newly developed film to window glass, during home renovations, for example, it is possible to achieve equivalent room brightness to laminated glass. Sales will be launched in January 2016.

In addition to advanced lighting techniques, the newly developed film, by maintaining a smooth surface, dirt and dust can be easily wiped away even after being applied to existing windows. And by affixing the newly developed film to glass, it is also possible to produce shatterproof glass. By endowing the outermost surface with a protective layer, it is difficult to scratch, and exhibits high level resilience, such as helping prevent bleaching as a result of sunlight.

DNP launched sales of a lighting film in October designed to be inserted between two sheets of glass targeting newly built housing and offices. And by adding this newly developed product to the lineup it has become possible to accommodate window glass in both new and existing housing and offices. In addition, DNP is also pleased to announce that the film launched in October has been adopted by a major housing maker.


DNP has positioned Environment and Energy as one of growth areas, and is endeavoring to provide society and consumers with new values. At present, as an energy saving policy, Window Film attached to windows in existing homes or during renovations, include products that emphasize thermal control functions, such as heat shields or insulation. In recent years, however, the spotlight has been on lighting film that draws in sunlight in an effective manner to brighten rooms during the daytime, and which also lead to reduced power consumption. In order to overcome this challenge, DNP has capitalized on the optical design technology developed in optical film for displays, and has promoted the development of a lighting film with functions that reflect and diffuse light. In this latest development, the Company has developed a lighting film in answer to needs for a film capable of attaching to existing windows.

[New Product Features]

  • The new product has been designed so as to draw in sunlight in an efficient manner and brighten up rooms. By having a professional affix the newly developed film to existing windows, in instances where the film was used with windows on the north side of houses that traditionally do not get much sunlight, it was found that on a before-and-after-basis brightness was boosted by a multiple of two, and lighting energy was reduced by 13%.
  • By creating a structure that takes the light reflective and dispersal features and positions them, not on the surface of the film, but interior to the structure, it has been possible to successfully develop lighting film with a smooth surface. As a result, the film is not only easier for professionals to affix to windows, but it is also for consumers to wipe away dirt and dust.
  • The newly developed film is coated with a highly hard coating agent on the outermost surface making it difficult to scratch, and is also highly resilient to bleaching from sunlight.
  • Also, as the sun's ultraviolet light can be cut by 99%, it is also possible to reduce damage to the human body, house furniture and carpets.
  • The newly developed film maintains a shatterproof effect, preventing shattering in cases of broken glass.
  • As a result of including a layer that diffuses the light on the surface of the film, by affixing the film to transparent glass it is also possible to boost privacy by creating a frosted glass effect.

Before (at left) and after (at right) images demonstrating the difference in room brightness as a result of using the newly developed film.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer this new film to houses, office buildings, along with educational, commercial and healthcare facilities, aiming for total sales of 3.0 billion yen by FY 2017. The Company will also promote the development of new products that employ lighting film that make effective use of sunlight, and are easier to attach than currently available products.

* DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and the Environment and Energy as growth areas, and is engaged in the creation of new values. As part of those activities, the Company is promoting the development of new products in the environmental area that leverage film with a variety of functions.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.