DNP Launches Travel Support Application Service for Inbound Visitor

Will distribute English info in area around Tokyo Tower

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will launch an information distribution service via DNP travel support application, targeting inbound tourisms in line with the increase in overseas visitors to Japan. And as the first step in this initiative, DNP will use the service to distribute English and Japanese information in the area around Tokyo Tower to coincide with the Japan Shopping Festival (JSF), hosted by Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO).

Since June 2015, DNP has offered a travel aid application that in addition to offering in depth information that only locals would know about scenic spots, attractions and souvenirs, proposes detours from set-itineraries and the opportunity for off the beaten track-type experiences.

Service Summary

In recent years, in line with the increase in overseas visitors to Japan, DNP is facing demands to enhance services designed to provide visitors to Japan with a more pleasant stay. JSTO hosts JSF events themed around supporting inbound tourism to Japan twice per year, aiming to communicate the attraction of Japan to overseas visitors through the medium of shopping.

As part of this latest event, held July 26 - August 31, 2016, DNP will introduce visitors to a travel support application at the JSF Japan Shopping Tourist Station booth set up at Tokyo Tower, and distribute local area info in English.

By downloading this application to their smartphones, users can receive information on short excursions around the Tokyo Tower area, and that pointing them in the direction of off the beaten track-type experiences. In this latest development, DNP distributed information regarding four courses that took in the Shiba Koen, Azabu, Shinbashi and Toranomon areas. And by taking detours and going off the beaten track, users are able to take in spots that allowed them to immerse themselves in the local environment, while also enjoying the unexpected and the unanticipated.


Application screen images

How to Use the DNP Travel Support Application

Prior to departure: Download the application to a smartphone etc., and select the destination, or theme of the excursion, such as Let's Learn about Local History, or How to Enjoy the Local Scenery to display the desired excursion. It is also possible for users to share their desired course with their travelling partners.

While in Japan: Boot the GPS–based application to receive messages while out walking, such as "Why not make a detour?" Recommendations to visit locations off the beaten track can also be displayed around users' present locations.

Back Home: It is possible to view the excursions taken, and recommendations to visit locations off the beaten track, as souvenirs of trips to Japan. It is also possible for users to share their updates such as impressions and comments about the spots visited while in Japan with their travelling partners.

Supported Hardware

iOS: iPhone 5s/5c and iPhone 6/6 Plus since iOS7

Android: Android smartphones since AndroidOS4.x (Exceptions exist).

Looking Ahead

DNP will take the short excursion course data acquired by the application, and analyze the facts of the short excursions taken by visitors to Japan, and build on this in the development of contents targeting inbound tourism in the future.

Looking ahead, DNP will promote the distribution of contents via this application by organizations and companies involved in tourism, such as local authorities, transportation authorities, travel agencies and publishers, while also looking to strengthen the functionality of the application.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.