DNP Launches New Server Software for Automatic Correction of Image Quality

Can be installed on company servers to achieve optimal image quality

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the February 10 launch of a new server software for the automatic correction of color tone and contrast for photos taken with smartphones and digital cameras to achieve optimal images. By linking this new software with systems that manage images used on Electronic Commerce (EC) sites and in printed materials, it will be possible to generate cleaner photo images in a simple manner.

[Product Outline]

This newly developed server software incorporates a uniquely developed DNP library program that automatically corrects photo images, by installing the program as the image processing engine on servers that manage photo data. Input and output files managed by the new server software are first created, then images photographed with smartphones and digital cameras are recorded in the input folder, making it possible to automatically generate color corrected images in the output folder, in a simple manner. The newly developed server software integrates a variety of correction functions for improving image quality, and can answer a broad selection of color correction needs. And as correction processing is executed on an automatic basis, it is not necessary for the operator to acquire any specialized knowledge or operational skills.

Applying the newly developed software to images uploaded to EC sites and SNS, or to images used in printed materials facilitates the use of cleaner images. Installing the server software on shared in-house company servers also makes it possible for multiple parties from different organizations or departments to review the images and execute color correction at their will to achieve cleaner image data.



Image file format: JPEG, TIFF, BMP

Pixel count: 80,000 - 35,000,000


  • Corrects dark images caused by exposure problems to appropriate brightness.
  • Corrects images to normal color balance (white balance adjustment)
  • Corrects bright and dark portions of images to appropriate contrast
  • Corrects memory color areas, such as that for human skin, plants and the sky, to an optimal color tone
  • Takes out of focus images and adjusts them to make them sharper.
  • Removes noise from digital images


  • It is possible to obtain color corrected clean images merely by recording the image in the input folder.
  • It is also possible to perform correction processing on large-lot data in a bulk format, making it possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of processes that have so far been carried out by hand.
  • Links can be made between the input or output folder managed by the new software and existing in-house systems at corporate clients.
  • Image adjustment parameters can be customized on a subject and/or usage basis, and by allotting parameters to individual input folders, it is possible to selectively divide correction processes for up to a maximum of ten types.
  • The color management function facilitates converting the format to the four basic colors used in printing, otherwise known as CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black - making it possible to produce image data for printing purposes.


Software license fees: 3.0 million yen.

[The Future]

DNP will offer the new server software for color correction purposes in the operation of EC sites, and various design and production purposes in printed materials. At the same time, the Company will also provide the new software to businesses and industries that handle large volume image data as part of their operations, such as real estate and automobile companies, aiming for sales of 300 million yen over the next three years from this and other related products.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.