Osaka University, Terumo and DNP Establish Joint Research Department of Cardiac Regeneration and Therapeutics

Osaka University
Terumo Corporation
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Osaka University, Terumo Corporation (Terumo) and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) are pleased to announce the establishment of a regenerative medicine-related joint research department.

The department aims to develop regenerative medicine-driven cardio therapies by conducting research on low cost, effective manufacture and quality control techniques for regenerative medicine-linked products.

The manufacture of regenerative medicine products faces neumerous challenges including multiple manual tasks that drive up manufacturing costs, complex and inefficient operations, and difficulty in ensuring uniform cell quality. The partners will combine their respective knowledge and existing technology related to regenerative medicine, and by 2019 aim to develop equipment, such as robot technology assisted devices for cell culture operations, and establish non-destructive and efficient cell quality testing methods.

[Joint Research Department]


Joint Research Department of Cardiac Regeneration and Therapeutics (Strategic Global Partnership & Cross-Innovation Initiative)


From August 2016 to March 2019


Dissemination of regenerative medicine-driven cardio therapies


Research on low cost, effective manufacturing and quality control techniques for regenerative medicine-linked products.

Responsible researchers

Professor Yoshiki Sawa, Cardiovascular Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University

[Regenerative Medicine Initiatives by the Partners]

Osaka University has been at the center of the world's first regenerative medicine techniques against heart failure and severe corneal disease. In addition, the university is promoting innovative initiatives designed to realize and disseminate regenerative medicine using numerous technologies including iPS cells.  

Terumo manufactures and markets HeartSheet®, the world's first heart failure treatment regenerative medicine product. HeartSheet® is expected to become a standard treatment option for ischemic heart disease-based severe heart failure and replace current drug treatments and surgery, which have produced insufficient results. As a leading company in the area of regenerative medicine, Terumo is engaged in an ongoing commercialization of regenerative medicine products, the manufacturing of cell products and efforts to improve quality control technology.

DNP utilizes information technology, such as color management and three-dimensional image processing technology, and is developing non-destructive cell testing methods based on cell image analysis. The company also manufactures thermo-responsive cell culture equipment for the production of cell sheets and is engaged in improving quality and performance stability.

Cell sheet developed by Osaka University and Terumo that utilizes DNP technology in the manufacturing process

[Joint Research Departments by Strategic Global Partnership & Cross-Innovation Initiative]

The joint research departments at Osaka University comprise a research organization installed at the university based on funding and researchers from external organizations, including private sector companies. Research will be conducted on common issues by Osaka University teaching staff and corporate researchers with equal status. The joint research departments organization is a new style format, whereby multiple private sector companies collaborate with Osaka University to conduct research in order, to promote open or cross innovation based on industry-academia collaboration.

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