DNP Develops Packaging Using Odor-Absorption Film

Superior absorption properties against aldehyde and ketone odors

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed packaging material capable of absorbing aldehyde and ketone odors that are outgasses with unpleasant odors generated by various organic compounds. Mass production of packaging materials targeting pharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial equipment and chemical agents will commence in September 2015.


Pharmaceuticals that include organic compounds, such as aldehydes and ketones release outgas in line with the passage of time following manufacturing. And as a result, the odors trapped in the packaging can present users with an unpleasant sensation when opening to access medication. Also, when medical devices, such as scalpels, or scrubs, are placed in a bag and sterilized with e-beams, for example, there are cases of the irradiated bag generating odor components.

DNP has yet again risen to the challenge, and has developed packaging material that absorb unpleasant odors by impregnating film with material capable of absorbing specific odors.

[New Product Features]

  • The newly developed product is packaging material that impregnates film with material capable of absorbing specific odors. Tests showed that 24 hours after pharmaceuticals are packaged, almost 100% of the odor components that form outgasses were absorbed into the film, resulting in an odorless state. (Please refer to the accompanying graph). As a result, it is possible to reduce unpleasant sensations from odors when opening the packaging.

  • Nor are the absorbed odor components re-released, meaning it is possible to obtain an effect on an ongoing basis.
  • And as there is no need to insert a deodorant sachet into the packaging, there are no fears of users accidentally swallowing the sachet.
  • Apart from such unpleasant odors and aldehydes and ketones, the newly developed packaging is also effective against sterilization odors and resin decomposition odors.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market this new product as packaging mainly for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial equipment and chemical agents aiming for sales of 500 million yen by FY 2019.

* DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communications, Food and Healthcare, the Environment and Energy, and Lifestyle and Mobility as growth areas to promote products, services that will become Tomorrow's Basics. DNP has a long-standing reputation for the development and provision of film-based materials with superior functions and performance. In 1997, the Company launched an anti-reflective film business, producing film for liquid crystal displays that shut out glare, including external light. 1998 saw the development of transparent vapor deposition film with superior barrier features. Back-sheet components and sealing materials for PV cells were developed in 2003, and an agricultural film that promotes crop growth by boosting efficient light synthesis was further developed in April 2015. Looking ahead, DNP will anticipate consumer needs, and propose a variety of functional films.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.