DNP Launches Sales Promotion Support Service Using Touch Panel Display and Card

Facilitates distribution of information unique to each card

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is pleased to announce the July 2 launch of a new sales promotion support service using Touchcode, a media card that adds interactivity to products by being able to display unique images, audio or product information, on a case-by-case basis, by waving the Touchcode card over touch panel displays, such as smart phones and tablet terminals.

DNP will provide a variety of solutions compatible with Touchcode card based promotions, regional revitalization and entertainment projects.

[Introducing Touchcode]

Touchcode was developed by T-Touch, a group company of New York based T+Ink, Inc. (T+Ink). Using card-form paper, and/or film as base materials, Touchcode has an invisible pattern on the surface, which is recognized by a capacitance touch panel. An ID code compatible with the pattern is specified, and contents registered on the ID code displayed on the user's screen.

[Summary of New Service]

Touchcode can be printed on materials such as paper or film, and is capable of being read off with virtually 100% certainty. Consumers activate dedicated applications or websites, and by waving the Touchcode card over a dedicated spot displayed on the screen, it is possible to view the unique contents related to each card.

[Service Examples]

Direct Mail-Based Visitor Promotions and Trial Promotions

- Beverage maker case study

The company forwards direct mail containing multiple Touchcode cards to its members. The members log on to a dedicated site using smart phones or tablet terminals, and by waving the Touchcode cards over these media, are able to view product feature videos displayed on the screen. And by selecting the beverage brand they want to enjoy, samples are dispatched, making it possible to boost trial promotions.

- Apparel maker case study

The company forwards direct mail containing multiple Touchcode cards to members. By waving the cards over stored-based digital signage, it is possible for the members to obtain coupons and presents, which helped to achieve visitor promotion.

Boosting Product Value

- Comic book case study

Free Touchcode cards are given to consumers purchasing comic books. By providing video of characters appearing in the comic books, special stories, and related game items, it is possible to increase the product value of the underlying comic books.

- Magazine case study

Touchcode cards are included in magazine supplements. Consumers purchasing the magazines receive access to original contents, boosting the product value of the original magazine.

- Sports game application case study

By activating dedicated soccer and/or baseball game applications, and holding Touchcode cards printed with player images over terminal screens, up to date result and performance information is displayed alongside photos and other images. And by having the player appear in the online game, the product value of the underlying game can be increased  

Regional Revitalization

- By waving distributed Touchcode cards over dedicated applications linked to regional attractions, it is possible to distribute coupons for recommended restaurants and souvenir stores. And when consumers use the coupons they receive further to other featured attractions.

- Also, by keeping a record of the places visited in the application, it is possible to promote such publicity strategies as "stamp rallies," whereby users collect sometimes elaborately designed stamp images as they move from one attraction to the next and receive a prize, such as a "Tourism Ambassador Certificate," when they have received stamps from the entire course of attractions.

[Reference Prices and Sales Targets]

Touchcode cards: 10 yen per card

Application production fees: From 500,000 yen

* All prices are on a pre-tax basis. Estimations will be provided on an individual basis to match specific specifications, production lots and plans

DNP will offer this new sales promotion support service to publishers, manufacturers, retailers, advertisers and the game industry, aiming for sales of 300 million yen per year.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.