Research and Development

DNP has created many products that command top market share by using our core technologies: “Printing and Information technologies” that we have developed since the foundation of the company in 1876 in cooperation with companies around the world. We will continue to develop a variety of products and services that will become “basics” of everyday life in the future.

Promoting P&I innovations

The basic printing process spans the following five stages in order: “Project planning and design,” “Information processing,” “Microfabrication” for preparing printing plates,“Precision coating,” i.e. the application of thin layers of ink or other substances and “Post-processing” for making products in easy-to-use formats. DNP takes the various technologies involved in these printing stages, refines them and creates synergies by combining them with state-of-the-art technologies from fields such as material development, evaluation and analysis, “Kansei (sensibility) analysis,” brain science, the Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

As one of the very few comprehensive printing companies in the world, DNP possesses an abundance of top-class technologies and capabilities related to printing (P) and information (I). By flexibly combining these assets with its strengths in sales, planning, manufacturing, production management, intellectual property, and branding, DNP is able to offer innovative new value, capturing latent demand in the market and promoting various initiatives tied to growth.

R&D Themes

The following sections showcase some of the businesses that DNP has created by applying and developing technology derived from its R&D.

DNP Features -People Bolstering Technology

This section details the behind-the-scenes endeavors of our employees who have made breakthroughs in our diversifying business fields.

R&D and Intellectual Property

This section introduces the vital research and development at DNP, which has expanded business areas by utilizing and developing printing technology and applied technology, as well as the intellectual property-based initiatives that support a wide range of business activities.

R&D and Intellectual Property

Printing Technology’s Strength

DNP’s printing technology originated with the Company’s founding in 1876, just after Japan began to modernize during the Meiji Restoration. Over the next 70 years, the Company manufactured paper for printed materials, including books and magazines. While Japanese-style washi paper was still the norm at that time, DNP independently developed products that were needed in the country, including cardboard for book covers.

From there, DNP achieved major breakthroughs in printing technology during the 1950s. Building on the technological advancements made through paper printing, the Company began printing on a wider range of non-paper materials, such as textiles, films, metal and glass, and then expanded its business accordingly.
By broadening and enhancing its printing technologies, DNP has created products that at first glance may appear unrelated to printing but are in fact rooted in printing processes. This section features the following two technologies that DNP developed for different printing processes.

P&I LAB. Technology

This section showcases the P&I LAB.—a collaborative facility for creating new value—and the technologies developed there.

P&I LAB. Technology