Principal Themes:Human Rights and Labor

Diversity & Inclusion

DNP has devoted efforts to supporting active roles of its employees who are irreplaceable assets and who have driven innovation since our founding. DNP will respect every difference of each person and will synergize these as strengths for creating new value.

DNP Group’s Diversity Management

DNP Diversity Declaration

1. We will take the lead in working to promote diversity and inclusion. 2. We will transform the awareness of managers into a "Dialogue style" that utilizes the differences of each and every person as strengths. 3. We will make ourselves a company where each and every employee can actively take on challenges and create new value.

July 17, 2020
Yoshinari Kitajima, President

DNP has established the Diversity Promotion Department under the Managing Director in charge and the direct control of the head office as the promotion organization for permeating and firmly positioning diversity throughout the Group. Moreover, we are accelerating the promotion of diversity in collaboration with the Diversity Promotion Committee and the secretariat of each business unit and Group company throughout the country.In 2020, we introduced the DNP Diversity Declaration as top management’s commitment to promote diversity as we strengthen the further promotion of diversity.

Our three basic policies for promoting diversity are as follows. Developing diverse human resources  (Career development) Realizing diverse work styles (Work style reform) Fostering a corporate culture to encourage the active participation of diverse human resources (Management/awareness reforms)

Roadmap for diversity promotion 1997 Promoted the hiring of female employees and expanded their occupational domains 2003 Firmly positioned female employees (support for work-life balance) 2009 Promoted active roles for female employees in core positions 2016 Independently undertook diversity promotion activities in business units and Group companies, and started the enforcement of the Women’s Participation Promotion Act 2019 Expanded targets and promoted inclusion Changed “differences” into “strengths” within the organization 2022 Create new value by integrating diverse values (Improve corporate competitiveness)

Diagram of system for diversity promotion The Diversity Promotion Department collaborates with the Head Office, which handles functions such as system design and operation, and public relations. Additionally, the Diversity Promotion Department shares policies and measures with the Diversity Promotion Committee (in charge of implementation) and Diversity Promotion Committee Secretariat (in charge of management), installed in each organization of the business units/Head Office development divisions and Group companies, and implements training for supporting independent promotion activities.

Fostering a Culture that Diverse Human Resources Can Play Active Roles

Diversity Training

We strive to support diverse human resources through such initiatives as the Diversity Course, LGBTQ+ Training, and Normalization Education Training to deepen an understanding of diversity; the mentor system to support diversity; next-generation female leaders training to promote active roles for women; and diversity promotion leaders training to encourage the promotion of diversity in workplaces.

Mentor System

Under this system, senior employees (mentors) who have completed “mentor development training” utilize their own accumulated experience and knowledge while providing necessary information and advice to employees (mentees) who have worries in undertaking their jobs. By doing so, this system provides support for enabling mentees themselves to solve problems in a way suited to them.

Harassment Measures

With the aim of maintaining a healthy work environment, we have formulated sexual harassment prevention regulations, power harassment prevention regulations and maternity harassment/care harassment prevention regulations as we have established essential measures for the prevention and early detection of problems and for devising appropriate solutions.

Promoting the Active Role of Women

We have been implementing relevant measures in accordance with an action plan formulated under the Women’s Participation Promotion Act. With the aim of continuously producing female employees who will assume leadership roles and involve in organizational decision-making, we have been providing systematic training to increase the number of actively engaging female employees at each job level.

Efforts related to LGBTQ+

In fiscal 2019, we expanded the number of persons targeted for diversity promotion and commenced activities for understanding LGBTQ+ and creating a corporate culture that respects and takes advantage of diversity. In e-learning training for all employees, we addressed issues faced by relevant persons in the workplace and conveyed the necessity and significance of LGBTQ+ initiatives beginning with basic knowledge about LGBTQ+. We are also giving considerations to LGBTQ+ with an awareness of inclusion such as by not requiring gender entry in job recruitment and reviewing our systems.
To disseminate DNP’s ideas both inside and outside the company, we also participate in social activities that support LGBTQ+, which includes support for Pride House Tokyo.

Initiatives and Systems that Support Active Roles of Diverse Human Resources

Work Style Reform

The DNP Group launched a labor-management project in 2004 and started initiatives such as reducing working hours by improving work efficiency and promoting the taking of annual paid leave. Since 2009, as work style reform activities, DNP has advanced these initiatives to the stage of effectively utilizing time resources and increasing the added value of work. Presently, DNP is working to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of each and every employee to realize “work styles that create value.” Concurrently, DNP is promoting the creation of an organizational culture that raises engagement so that employees can feel both job satisfaction and ease of work.

Work/Leave System

We have built flexible work systems suited to the job characteristics of each person.
●Flexible work systems ●Discretionary work system ●Short-time work system, etc.

Moreover, we have established diverse leave systems matched to the lifestyle of each person.
● Annual paid leave (maximum 20 days annually) ● Childcare leave ● Life support special leave, etc.

Support for Balancing Work and Childcare/Nursing Care

DNP has established the “Return to work from childcare leave program.” This system aims at creating an environment in which employees can take leave for childbirth and childcare with a sense of reassurance, smoothly return to their workplaces, and balance their work with household duties while deploying their capabilities.

Leave preparation, If the pregnancy /delivery dates are known, 6 - 3 months prior to delivery, 2 months prior to delivery, Leave, Return preparation, Leave prior to delivery, Delivery, Leave after delivery, Childcare leave, 2 - 1 months prior to return, 2 weeks prior to return, After return, Period for use of “wiwiw”, Employee, Understanding of sequence of events through return to work along with related systems, Handing over of work duties, Exchange of information with superiors, home study courses taken, Preparation for return, Kangaroo Club (Back-to-Work seminar), Adjustment to workplace, display of abilities, Superiors, Understanding of sequence of events through employee's return to work along with related systems, confirmation of superiors' own role, Considerations of employee’s work and examination of work sharing, Look into replacement during leave period, Summarize taking over of employee's work duties, Support for employee taking leave (regular exchange of information), Support for employee's adjustment to workplace, Preparation and execution of support plan, General Affairs, Explanation of overall program to employee and superiors, Support for employee and superiors, Support for employee taking leave (provide information, help with procedures) , Support for superiors concerning decisions made after employee's return to work, Meeting prior to leave, Meeting prior to return (1st time), Meeting prior to return (2nd time)

The seminar, Kangaroo Club, to support balancing work and childcare

We convene this seminar once a year for employees to think together with their partners about balancing work and childcare, share their current anxieties and concerns and visions for the future and to help build a vibrant career even during childcare.
This seminar is targeted at employees who plan to give birth within one year, who are on maternity leave/childcare leave or who are raising children three years of age or under as well as their partners (can also be non-DNP Group employees).

Other Childcare Support Systems

We support employees and their families in balancing work and childcare even after employees return to work through various systems that include assistance for babysitting fees, assistance for childcare facility fees, nursing care leave, and special leave for life support.

Supporting a Balance Between Work and Nursing Care

We are enhancing support tailored to the life stages of each employee, such as a family care leave system that allows each employee to take leave an unlimited number of times up to 366 days per each care recipient.

Firmly Establishing the Employment of People with Disabilities

Over long years, DNP has been promoting efforts throughout the entire Group for recruitment, firm positioning and support of the active participation of persons with disabilities with the aim of realizing workplaces where these persons can play active roles in keeping with the basic concept of normalization. To further promote these initiatives, in February 2019 we established DNP Business Partners Co., Ltd. and in October of the same year this company obtained certification as a special subsidiary from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. In addition to recruitment by Group companies, we intend to create opportunities for active participation by many more persons with disabilities by promoting related cross-sectional operations within the Group as a business of the new company.

Support for Other Various Work Styles

Employment of Elderly Persons (Senior Staff System)

We introduced a “senior staff system” that enables employees to continue working as professionals at workplaces even after they reach the mandatory retirement age.

Reemployment of Retired Employees (Return-to-Work System)

Aimed at persons who have already left the DNP Group, this system enables the re-employment under certain conditions of former employees wishing to resume their work as human resources with diverse values and diverse careers utilizing the knowledge and skills, career experience, and life experiences cultivated during their time away.

Non-Regular to Regular Employee Conversion System

To draw out the capabilities of each person to the fullest and ensure this enables us to deploy our total strengths as an organization, we introduced this system for hiring as regular employees those outstanding part-time and non-regular staff who have a positive attitude toward their jobs and play large roles.


Based on the premise of establishing and utilizing an IT environment, we are promoting the integration of telework, satellite office work, and mobile work as well as a large expansion of measures for doing so.

Side Jobs/Dual (or Multiple) Jobs

We allow some side-jobs and dual jobs involving various types of innovation and that lead to the creation of new value through DNP so long as these do not interfere with our core business.

Life Planning Promotion System

As a joint labor-management collaborative program, we convene guidance and briefing sessions as well as distribute information magazines and hold seminars.

  • *“Second Life” Preparation Guidance
    This is joint labor-management guidance for DNP Group employees who reach the age of 54 during the year. To realize a “fulfilling and rich ‘second life,’” this guidance explains the key points in preparing for the future from the three perspectives of “life purpose, health and household finances.” In particular, the guidance’s explanation of a husband and wife’s expected amount of public pension by age group, which is the main source of income for a post-retirement second life, as well as the estimated amount of a survivor’s pension in the event the husband passes away first, is a highly acclaimed approach not found at any other company. In addition to the “Second Life” Preparation Guidance, numerous persons also participate in the “Public pension and employment insurance briefing session” for employees who reach the age of 58 during that year.

Life Planning Consultation Office

This office provides information on such areas as pensions, employment insurance, life purpose, and lifelong learning to enable employees to individually design their own post-retirement life plan.

Consultation Office

We have built a system enabling employees to consult with experts on issues such as housing (financial planning and property selection, design, construction), laws (inheritance, family, accidents), taxation and harassment and other matters related to human rights.

  • *Other main consultation contact points for employees
    Besides the Life Planning Consultation Office and the Consultation Office, we operate the Open Door Room and the Global Internal Whistle-blowing System as consultation and whistle-blowing contact points for matters concerning corporate ethics in line with efforts to raise management fairness. Additionally, the Career Counseling Office is supporting the diverse career designs of employees.

Employee Awareness Surveys

DNP has been implementing a variety of employee surveys on a regular basis since 2001.
DNP is currently implementing actual-condition surveys that also encompass Group companies to ascertain the actual situation of workplace cultures and to understand the results and issues of the reform activities carried out at each organizational unit. The problems and issues identified by the results of the survey are then reflected in activity improvement measures and measures to strengthen management at each organization. In the 2020 survey, we received responses from 10,824 employees.

Renshikai (Mutual Relief Association)

The Company and its labor union contributed their own respective funds to establish a fund, and thereby have built an original system that allows the two parties to work together for operating various mutual aid programs.

DNP Family Friendly Days

We hold the DNP Family Friendly Days, which allow children to observe workplaces, to promote work awareness and interest among children, who will take charge of the next generation as well as better parent-child (family) communication for our employees.