Requests from the DNP Group to its Suppliers

We would like to make the following requests of our suppliers, in order to maintain as well as strengthen business competitiveness for both the DNP Group and the suppliers who provide us with raw materials, materials, and equipment.

1. Competitive Prices

Promote cost reductions by reviewing raw materials and making improvements in such areas as the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

2. Superior Quality

Manufacture products that have outstanding properties and design, and are friendly to the environment.

3. Safety and Stability of Products

Complying with laws related to environmental issues as a given, carry out product safety management that goes a step beyond the parameters of social responsibilities. Moreover, continue manufacturing products of consistently stable quality, regardless of changes that may occur to the manufacturing base, production line, or environment.

4. Reliability and Speed of Delivery

Properly maintain inventories and locate distribution bases appropriately to ensure that products are supplied in a reliable and speedy manner.

5. Establish a Risk Management System to Deal With Disasters and Other Emergencies

Have a risk management system in place, such as a BCP (Business Continuity Plan), that is functional even before any emergency situation occurs, and lay out a system capable of coping with any supply situation.

6. Stable Management

Enhance the management monitoring function and create a system to prevent management crises from occurring. Furthermore, maintain management conditions to ensure that ongoing business relationships are sustained.

7. Provide Information Promptly

Promptly provide information regarding such matters as new products, developed products, and low-priced products. And establish a system to immediately respond to inquiries regarding or requests to investigate the environmental, safety, price, or other aspects of products.

8. Nurturing Human Resources

Actively promote the nurturing of human resources by creating educational programs aimed at ensuring that knowledge of the company's technology and business operations is acquired by the employees efficiently and as early as possible.

9. Create a Sound Corporate Culture

Create a corporate culture where the employees are cheerful and have a positive attitude towards their work, and they are able to freely speak out about in-house issues.

10. Social Contributions

Actively promote efforts to make social contributions through the development, manufacture, sale of products, and other corporate activities.